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Anhui Province (安徽省) is a province in the central region of China. It borders Jiangsu Province to the east, Zhejiang Province to the southeast, Jiangxi Province to the south, Hubei Province to the southwest, Henan Province to the northwest and a small section of Shandong Province to the north.

Hongcun Village, Anhui Province
High-speed CRH5 train on Qinshen Passenger Dedicated Line, Liaoning Province
Author: Udo Schoene (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 Generic)

Anhui Province got its name from the cities of Anqing and Huizhou (presently called Huangshan City). It covers 139,400 sq km (53,800 sq mi) and is the 22nd biggest province in China by area. The province has a population of 61.5 million people, making it the 8th most populous. It has a GDP of CNY 1 trillion in 2009, the 14th highest in China, and a per capita GDP of CNY 16,391, the 26th in the country.

Anhui Province has existed since the 17th century. It is on the North China Plain drained by the Huai He river to the north and Yangtze River to the south. In the center of the province is Lake Chaohu, its largest lake. The province experiences a temperate climate with the north being marginally colder than the south.

Going to Anhui Province

The Hefei Luogang Airport (HEF) receives domestic flights from Beijing and Shanghai by China Eastern Airlines.

Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province
Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province
Author: Arne Hückelheim (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

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Tourist Destinations in Anhui Province

  1. Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui - Xidi and Hongcun
  2. Mount Huangshan

Main Cities of Anhui Province

  1. Hefei - provincial capital
  2. Anqing
  3. Bengbu
  4. Bozhou
  5. Huangshan City
  6. Huainan
  7. Ma'anshan
  8. Tongling

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