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Baoding (保定) is a prefecture-level city in Hebei Province, China. It is located bordering Beijing, about 140 km south of the capital, about half way between Beijing and Shijiazhuang.

Baoding covers an area of 22,159 sq km (8,555 sq mi) and has a population of 997,500. The city is surrounded by farmland. It is divided into two by the Jinggung Railway line which runs north to south. To the east are the Taihang Mountains.

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Temple in Baoding
Temple in Baoding
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Dingzhou Confucian Temple
Dingzhou Confucian Temple
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Historic Sites in Baoding

  1. Beiyue Temple (386-543, Quyang County)
  2. Ciyun Pavillion (1306, Dingxing County)
  3. Dingzhou Porcelain Kiln Relic (960-1127, Quyang County)
  4. Geyuan Temple (916-1125, Laiyuan County)
  5. Great Wall at Zijinguan Pass (1368-1644, Yixian County and Laiyuan County)
  6. Jin-cha-ji Border Region Headquarter Ruins (1938, Fuping County)
  7. Kaishan Temple (618-907, Gaobeidian County)
  8. Kaiyuan Temple (960-1127, Dingzhou County)
  9. Lao Morality Classic Tablet (618-907, Yixian County)
  10. Mancheng Han Tombs (154BC-113BC, Mancheng County)
  11. Ranzhuang Underground Tunnel (1937-1945, Qingyuan County)
  12. Western Qing Tombs (1730-1915, Yixian County)
  13. Yan State Capital Relics (475BC-221BC, Yixian County)
  14. Yicihui Stone Pillar (550-577, Dingxing County)
  15. Zhili Provincial Governor Office (1730-1911, Baoding)

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