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Hefei, Anhui Province
Hefei, Anhui Province
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Hefei (合肥) is the capital and biggest city in Anhui Province, China. It is a prefecture-level city covering 7,029 sq km (2,714 sq mi) and has a population of 5.7 million people. As with the rest of China, Hefei observed the China Standard Time, which is eight hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+8). The phone area code for Hefei is 551.

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More about Hefei

Hefei is located 15 km (9 mi) to the southeast of Chaohu Lake, one of the biggest freshwater lakes in China. Once a source of fish, the lake has unfortunately been polluted by high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Hefei cityscape
Hefei cityscape
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Hefei experiences a humid subtropical climate. The hottest month here in July, when average high temperature may reach 32°C (89.6°F) and often more. July is also the wettest month with 161.8 mm (6.37 in) of precipitation. January is the coldest month, with average low temperature of -0.5°C (31.1°F). The driest month is December with 24.1 mm (0.949 in) of precipitation.

The history of Hefei goes back to the 8th century BC. Through this long period, the area has since various kingdoms come into power. The name Hefei dates back to the Han Dynasty, in the 2nd century BC. The city itself dates from the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1126), as the original city of Hefei was located further north. It was known as Luzhou during the Ming and Qing dynasties, but reverted to its original name in 1912.

Anhui Provincial Government Office, Hefei
Anhui Provincial Government Office, Hefei
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Being a prefecture-level city, Hefei is further subdivided into 7 counties namely Yaohai-qu, Luyang-qu, Shushan-qu, Baohe-qu, Changfeng-xian, Feidong-xian and Feixi-xian. Until the Chinese civil war, Hefei was a largely agricultural city. Since then it has industrialized. Among the main industries here include machinery, electronics, chemical, textile and tobacco. It is one of the emerging cities of China.

Planning your trip to Hefei

There are regular flights from Beijing and Shanghai to the Hefei Luogang International Airport (HFE), which also has international flights to Singapore and Taipei.

Hefei Railway Station
Hefei Railway Station
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Exploring Hefei

Hefei's subway is under contruction. Until it opens, the most practical way of exploring the city is by taxi. The two main types are the Green Taxi and the Black Taxi. Taxi fares begin around ¥10.00 inclusive surcharge, and most places within the city can be reach for a ¥10-¥20 taxi ride.

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Places of Interest in Hefei

  1. Anhui Provincial Museum
  2. Huaian Pedestrian Street
  3. Lord Bao's Park
  4. Mingjiao Si Temple
  5. Shushan Mountain
  6. Xiaoyaojin Park

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