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Longyan (龙岩) is a prefecture-level city in Fujian Province, China. Located on the southwestern part of Fujian, Longyan covers 19,069 sq km (7,362.6 sq mi) and has a population of 2.6 million people. The administrative seat of Longyan is at Xinluo district (新罗区).

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More about Longyan

Longyan is bordered by Sanming to the north, Quanzhou to the east and Zhangzhou to the southeast. Jiangxi Province is to the west and Guangdong Province is to the south of Longyan. The city traces its history to AD 736, during the Tang Dynasty, when Tingzhou prefecture was established to administer Changting County, Huanglian County and Xinluo County.

Shan Qing Lou, a Fujian Tulou in Yongding County near Longyan
Shan Qing Lou, a Fujian Tulou in Yongding County near Longyan
Author: Emitchan (public domain)

Originally populated by Fujian people, Longyan received waves of Hakka immigrants. Coming from northern China, they entered Fujian following the Tingjiang River. From there they continued into Guangdong Province. As a result, there are pockets of Hakka settlements in Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Longyan is today regarded as the Home of the Hakka People, as some 75% of the population are Hakka. The result is a linguistic mix, where the patois is mix of Hakka and Minnan.

The status of Longyan was that of prefecture in 1734. In 1913, the status was changed to county, and in 1981, to a prefecture-level city. Due to its location in southwestern Fujian, Longyan is today a major distribution center for goods in and out of the prefecture, and act as gateway for goods moving between Fujian and Guangdong.

Planning your trip to Longyan

You can take a train or bus to Longyan from Fuzhou. There are also bus services connecting Longyan with Xiamen. The city bus terminal is at Ren Min Dong Road.

Exploring Longyan

Most tourist come to Longyan as it is the main city for visiting the Fujian Tulou, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To go from place to place, you should either charter a taxi, or seek the assistance of your hotel or travel agent.

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Places of Interest in Longyan

  1. Fujian Tulou

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