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The Macau Pavilion at Expo 2010

The Macau Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China features a structure of double-layer glass membrane and fluorescent screens. The pavilion is 19.99 meters in height, not out of coincidence, but to symbolize the year that Macau was returned to Mainland China.

The exterior of the pavilion features LED lights that change colors. A close look at the pavilion reveals that it looks like a rabbit, and indeed it is inspired by the Rabbit Lantern which is popular in southern China during ancient times. The head and tail of the rabbit are formed by huge balloons. In Chinese mythology, a jade rabbit acted as the guide into Nantianmen, the gateway into a celestial wonderland.

Macau Pavilion, Expo 2010 Shanghai China
Macau Pavilion, Expo 2010 Shanghai China
Author: lucia wang (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

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