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Sichuan Province (四川省) is a province in southwestern China. It is the fourth largest province of China, covering 485,000 sq km (187,000 sq mi). Sichuan is bordered by Qinghai Province to the northwest, Gansu Province to the north, Shaanxi Province to the northeast, the municipality of Chongqing to the east, Guizhou Province to the southeast, Yunnan Province to the south and the Tibet Autonomous Region to the west.

Chunxi Street, Chengdu
Chunxi Street, Chengdu
Author: Charlie fong (public domain)

The name Sichuan means "four circuits". It refers to the four circuits of rivers and gorges in the province, which is a basin surrounded by the Himalayas to the west, the Tibetan Plateau and Qinling range to the northeast, and the mountain ranges of Yunnan to the south. The highest mountain in Sichuan Province is Gongga Shan, at 7,556 meters.

Sichuan Province has a population of 82 million people. It is the 4th most populous province in China. Chengdu is the provincial capital as well as largest city. In 2009, Sichuan had a GDP of CNY 1.42 trillion, the 9th biggest in the country, and a per capita GDP of CNY 17,339, the 24th highest in China.

Going to Sichuan Province

Chengdu International Airport is the main gateway to Sichuan Province. It receives both domestic as well as international flights from neighboring countries.

Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan Province
Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan Province
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Tourist Destinations in Sichuan Province

  1. Anlan Suspension Bridge
  2. Baoern Temple
  3. Dujiangyan Irrigation System
  4. Emeishan National Park
  5. Erwang Temple
  6. Giant Panda Breeding Center
  7. Hailougou Glacier Park
  8. Huang Long Scenic Area
  9. Huanglong Xi Heritage Town
  10. Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area
  11. Leshan Giant Buddha
  12. Li Bai Memorial Hall

Main Cities of Sichuan Province

  1. Chengdu - provincial capital
  2. Dege
  3. Ganzi
  4. Kangding
  5. Langmusi
  6. Leshan
  7. Mianyang
  8. Songpan
  9. Xiangcheng
  10. Xichang

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