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Zhangzhou (漳州) is a city as well as prefecture within Fujian Province in China. The prefecture covers 12,607 sq km (4,867.6 sq mi) and has a population of 4.8 million people. The city of Zhangzhou itself is 34 sq km (12.1 sq mi) located near the center of then prefecture.

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Zhangzhou in Fujian Province at dusk
Zhangzhou in Fujian Province at dusk
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More about Zhangzhou

Zhangzhou is on the banks of the Jiulong River. It is the southernmost prefecture of Fujian Province, sharing a border with Xiamen to the northeast, Quanzhou to the north, Longyan to the northwest and Guangdong Province to the southwest. It faces the South China Sea to the southeast.

Zhangzhou is also spelled Chang-chow or Changchow, and is also written as Chiang-chew or Chiang Chew in Hokkien. Hokkien is the main Min Nan dialect spoken in Zhangzhou. It is the same Hokkien dialect from which Penang Hokkien as well as the Hokkien of Medan, Kedah and Taiping is derived. In comparison, Singapore Hokkien is derived from the Hokkien of Xiamen.

Today Zhangzhou comprises 2 districts, namely Longwen District and Xiangcheng District. It also includes 8 counties and 1 county-level city, which are Longhai City, Changtai County, Dongshan County, Hua'an County, Nanjing County, Pinghe County, Yunxiao County, Zhangpu County and Zhao'an County.

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