Cheshma Shahi Mughal Garden, Srinagar

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Cheshma Shahi is one of the three major Mughal Gardens in Srinagar. It is located 9km from Srinagar city centre, and is the first Mughal garden that you would visit as you pass the Nehru Park. The name Cheshma Shahi means Royal Spring (shahi means royal and chashma means spring).

An old maple tree at Chesha Shahi Mughal Garden

Cheshma Shahi is small and charming. It was laid out by the Mughal Governor Ali Mardan Khan for Emperor Shah Jahan, the ruler famous for building the Taj Mahal, in 1632.

Shah Jahan built a pavilion and laid out the Mughal garden in three terraces, each above the other by 18 feet. Cheshma Shahi is famous for the pure and refreshing spring that flows from it.

Built at a height above the city, Cheshma Shahi offers a great view of the surrounding area with the Zabarwan hills behind it.

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Chesha Shahi Photo Album

The country road leading towards Chesha Shahi. This may appear like the most serene place, but in actual fact, there are soldiers and checkpoints, and photography was done with caution.

Autumn leaves at Chesha Shahi.

The royal spring continues to flow at Chesha Shahi.

Red autumn leaves with the Zabarwan hills in the background.

Leaves branches and autumn leaves.

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