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Nishat Bagh is the second Mughal garden that most tourists visit, as they take the road that encircles Dal Lake. Nishat Bagh is 11 km from Srinagar. Its name means Garden of Gladness. This is one of the most beautiful Mughal Garden, and I visited it with members of AsiaExplorers when we were doing the tour of northern India. We were there at just the perfect time, when the autumn leaves were turning red.

Maple trees at the upper terrace of Nishat Bagh Mughal Garden.

Nishat Bagh Mughal Garden was built by Empress Nur Jahan's brother Asaf Khan, in 1633-4. Originally, Nishat Bagh had twelve terraces, stretching all the way down to Del Lake, but the lower terraces no longer existed today, when the road around the lake was built.

One of the most beautiful spot in Nishat Bagh is the second terrace. It has a high, broad cascade of sparkling water. There are two pavilions in Nishat Bagh Mughal garden, one at the lower and another the higher end of the garden. In the midst of Nishat Bagh is a reservoir, fourteen feet square and three feet deep. The central channel gets its water from the Arrah Stream. The Nishat Bagh offers a magnificent view of Dal Lake, with the Zabarwan hills as the backdrop.

I really enjoyed walking on the dry autumn leaves, playing with the leaves and taking photographs of the maple trees that seem to be ablaze with colours.

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Nishat Bagh Photo Album

A carpet of dried maple leaves at Nishat Bagh.

Maple tree ablaze with autumn colours.

Reflecting pool of Nishat Bagh.

Water cascade separates the middle and the lower terrace.

Sunlight filters through the leaves at Nishat Bagh.

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