Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden, Srinagar

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Shalimar Bagh is the third Mughal garden as you go around Dal Lake. The signature of this exquisite garden is water, which flows right through the garden and divides it into two. There are pavillions where we can stop to admire the scenery.

I visited Shalimar Bagh when I organised a tour of northern India for members of AsiaExplorers. By documenting it here, I hope that more people will appreciate its beauty and will be able to one day come and enjoy it themselves.

Shalimar Bagh was laid out on a site where a garden has been in existence since ancient times. As early as King Pravarsena II, founder of Srinagar, there is said to be a villa where the king used to rest. The villa has since disappeared, but around it grew a village which became known as Shalimar.

The Mughal garden of Shalimar Bagh was planted by Emperor Jahangir in 1619 for his beloved wife, Empress Nur Jahan. Shalimar Bagh has a canal lined with fountains, and water flowing from a higher level to a lower ones to form a pleasant cascade. Shalimar Bagh consists of four terraces. Like Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh got its water from the Arrah stream.

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Maple leaves gathers in a pool of cascading water at Shalimar Bagh.

The Shalimar Bagh garden is laid out on either side of the canal of flowing water.

There are huts and pavillions at intervals.

View of the canal that cuts across Shalimar Bagh.

Autumn leaves of a blazing yellow at Shalimar Bagh.

Maple leaves in the water.

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