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Mahagandaryone Monastery
Mahagandaryone Monastery
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Map of the Map of the Mahagandhayon Monastic Institution

Stupa at Mahagandaryone Monastery

The Mahagandhayon Monastery in Amarapura, also written as Mahagandhayon Kyaung, Mahagandaryone Monastery or Mahagandhayon Monastic Institution, is one of the largest teaching monasteries in Myanmar.

During Buddhist Lent, as many as 1200 monks converge on this monastery, contributing to the religious atmosphere of Amarapura. One of the most spectacular sights in Amarapura is when the monks do their morning alms round. Visitors at Mahagandhayon Monastery can see the monks lined up along the road at 11:00am. There are always devotees diving alms to the monks, as a chance to earn merit. This alms giving, called pongyi, is done without a word of thanks from the monks.

Getting there

Mahagandhayon Monastery is located in Amarapura. It is usually in the itinerary of tour itineraries to Amarapura. If you are travelling independently, just ask your driver to take you to the biggest monastery in Amarapura.

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