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Myanmar offers many interesting souvenirs to tourists. Among the items that you can purchase are as follows:
  • lacquerware
  • marionettes
  • textile
  • gold leaf

Souvenirs of Myanmar
Souvenirs of Myanmar (25 November 2003)
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Public Holidays in Myanmar

The following are public holidays when all offices close.
  • Independence Day: 4 January, to commemorate the 1948 independence from Britain
  • Union Day: 12 February, to commemorate Aung San's agreement with the various ethnic minority groups
  • Peasant's Day: 2 March
  • Tatmadaw @ Resistance Day: 27 March, to commemorate the struggle against the Japanese in World War II
  • May Day: 1 May
  • Martyrs' Day: 19 July, to commemorate Aung San and his cabinet, who were assassinated in 1947
  • Independence Day: 4 January

Useful Phone Numbers in Myanmar

  • Police (Yangon): 199
  • Fire (Yangon): 191, 192
  • Ambulance (Yangon): 280204, 281722 ext 286
  • Airport: 662811
  • Myanmar Railway: 662811
  • Tourist Information: 252859

    Myanmar Area Codes

    The Country Code for Myanmar is 95. The following are some of the area codes in Myanmar:
  • Yangon: 01
  • Mandalay: 02
  • Bago: 052
  • Sagaing: 072

    Dialling from Myanmar to another country
    International Direct Dial calls are available in more established hotels and at many public telephone offices. Such calls are very expensive - about $6-$7 per minute to US.

    Myanmar Yellow Pages:

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